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UAV Design & Development

Suitable for students who want to learn about UAV technology and build their own DIY drones.

Aerial Photography

For Photographers and Hobbyists. Get  Aerial Images & Videos. With Confidence of handling drone .

Aerial Survey & Mapping

For Students who are looking to take Drones in the Survey and Construction Industries.


Suitable for students who are interested in Aerial Image Data Processing Techniques and Reporting.  

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rules are for our safety. 

Know DGCA Rules & Regulations. 








Digital Sky Platform


online drone pilot training

This course is designed to  guide you through the typical international requirements for Professional and Commercial Drone Pilots, such as the USA Part 107 certification or the PfCO used in the UK. 

Online Courses

Get ABJ Drone Academy’s Online Drone Training Courses.


ISO regulations governing the operation of drones


The fundamentals of drone flight and control


How to fly several commercial drone models


Collecting, assessing, and presenting images, videos, and data

Specialized Online Courses

Drone Surveying and 3D Modeling Training Course

This drone surveying course is about the creation of maps, 3D models, and other geographical data via drone. It is most commonly done by taking many images at different locations and then using software to merge them all together. In practice, this is accomplished using software that automates both flight and image capture.


Drone Thermography Level 1 Certification

This online drone training course provides a comprehensive introduction to drone thermography. Complying with international (ISO) standards for thermography, it covers the fundamentals of infrared science and thermal physics, thermal camera design and operation, and an introduction to interpreting thermal images.

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Drone Multispectral Imaging Course

By picking the right spectral bands, a drone-mounted multispectral camera can be used to manage crops, soil, fertilizing and irrigation more effectively. This course will teach you how to choose and use a drone mounted multispectral camera so that you can find work in this exciting new area of technology.


Drone Photography Online Training Course

A comprehensive understanding of digital photography is imperative to being a successful UAS Pilot. For most work pilots perform, the end result is to capture some form of images or video with a camera. This course provides the core knowledge needed to start taking professional quality photos


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are the courses held?

Offline courses offered by UdaanShiksha are held in Bengaluru. 

Is it required to bring our own drone?

Not necessary. We will train you with our drones. However, if you already have a drone, you can get trained with that. 

Do you provide DGCA Drone Pilot license?

NO. We do not provide DGCA Certification. Only DGCA can provide that. We train you to fly a drone only. You will be certified by UdaanShiksha for offline courses and ABJ Drone Academy for Online courses. 

Where will be the practical sessions held?

Both indoor and outdoor practical trainings are held in the outskirts of Bengaluru. 

What is the offline course duration?

It is 40hrs. But with add on courses, duration may increase/decrease. 

Do you provide job placement?

We support your applications with our industry partners.